The Sixth Man, by David Baldacci

Location: Ms. Evrard's Room

Kevin Haley
Michael Smith
Sophia Emmons
Tyler Bean
Claire Evrard

The Sixth Man - Agenda

A) Introductions:
• Name
• Grade
• Favorite ice cream

B) Ten words or less: Summary
• each describe a part of the book

C) Whip: Opinion of the book
• Good? Bad?
• General feeling of the book
• Favorite part(s)

D) Characters
• Names, description
• Personalities
• Most relate to Why?
• Dislike the most. Why?

E) Subject
• Most interesting points
• Surprising points
• Reaction to events

F) Channel the Author
• The group splits up into two groups and creates a question to ask the author
• One group asks the other their question
• The other group answers the question in the same way the they think the author would
• The whole group can then discuss the response

G) Open discussion
• Discuss the meaning of the book.

Michael Smith
The Sixth Man - New Chapter at the End
16 September 2011

Make it to the next block. Faster. Faster. Now the next block. Michelle ran and ran. She worked on steady breathing and a nice stride. She remember the days, only a few months ago when this kind of run was too easy. I will make it back there one day. After the drama which happened nearly a month prior, her body was still in recovery mode. It was hard to come back from death three times, as she had. Michelle had even cut herself some slack in the first week or so but not now. Now Michelle knew that she needed to work harder to reach that top condition. Sean did not believe she could return to the challenges of their job, but she would quickly prove him wrong in the half-marathon which she enrolled both of them. She intended to defeat him and prove him wrong.
Sean and Michelle planned on continuing their investigation business. However, they wanted to be closer to the government and to work on higher-level cases. The business donated almost one-half of the large financial bonus from the government to Dobkin’s wife, as Sean promised. Sean and Michelle intended to see Edgar Roy more often now, as he took over Ellen Foster’s position. The Wall was still working and had more support with Roy high up in government. However, everyone knew it would never work nearly as well as it had with Roy. All the government agencies, CIA and DHS were working collaboratively for the good of the country, not compete selfishly as they had when Ellen Foster was in power. The Edgar Roy case had scared them. To see a conspiracy strike so close to the President, headed by the secretary of Homeland Security, was unprecedented and would never happen again. The agencies would make sure of it.
Sean and Michelle had decided to get married before any other crazy things happened in there lives. They decided that they would devote themselves to their country. Michelle especially did not want to see harm come to the United States. Especially because Edgar Roy would be entangled in any mess which happened in the government. Michelle did not think it would be fair for Roy to have any more accusations against him. Neither Sean nor Michelle trusted that Ellen Foster was completely shut down either, even in jail. Her ideas could be used by another person. But if they were used, Michelle and Sean would be there to stop it. At least that is what Michelle told herself as she ran. She would always be there for her country.

Kevin Haley
The Sixth Man - Conversation between two readers
13 September 2011

The Sixth Man

Francis: Hey Steven. What have you been doing this summer?
Steven: Not much. I just finished my summer reading book, The Sixth Man.
Francis: No way, you are in my reading group. What did you think of the book? I loved it! I liked how David Baldacci used the cliffhangers to keep the suspense between chapters. For example, when Roy was taken hostage, I didn’t know what was going to happen to him, and then the chapter just ended.
Steven: Yeah I enjoyed the use of the cliffhangers, but I didn’t really enjoy the book.
Francis: Really? What didn’t you like about it?
Steven: Well to begin with, I don’t really like to topic. I’m not into the whole investigation and murder books, I think it’s boring. I also don’t like the style that David Baldacci writes in. He had way too many sub-plots and I had a hard time remembering which plot went with certain characters.
Francis: I loved all of the sub-plots. That’s what made the ending feel so much more satisfying. Knowing that the good guys came together to catch the bad guys was so cool. I also like how in the end each sub-plot came back together to tie into the one major plot. I like the main characters too. The characteristics of Sean and Michelle compliment each other. Sean is the smart, investigative one, while Michelle is the enforcer. Usually the guy is the enforcer and the girl is much more investigative, but I like how the roles are switched.
Steven: Another thing I didn’t like was how many characters there are. I had trouble remembering which one did which thing. I also didn’t like how confusing it was trying to understand the E-program. I know that it had to do with Homeland Security, but could you explain the whole program to me?
Francis: Sure, I’ll try. So you were right, it is a program working under Homeland Security. Peter Bunting was the founder of the program. The goal of the program was to have an analyst look at a series of information, then to analyze the information they just saw. Then the analyst would make predictions using the information, on what might happen. The information that the analyst is looking at is information collected from all of the United States different intelligence agencies. It is a matter of national security. Edgar Roy is the current analyst in the E-program before he was indicted for murder.
Steven: Now that makes more sense.
Francis: Even though you didn’t like the book, what was your favorite part?
Steven: My favorite part was when Peter, Michelle, Sean, Kelly and James worked together to make the arrests of Ellen Foster and Mason Quantrell because I thought that James was working with Ellen and Mason. I wasn’t expecting James to be working with Kelly.
Francis: My favorite part was the fight scene between Megan Riley and Michelle and Edgar. I never thought that Megan would be involved in the plot. She seemed like such an innocent little girl when she was working as a lawyer, but it turns out she was working with Ellen the whole time.
Steven: Yeah that part was interesting, but it took too long to get to that part in the book. That is what I didn’t like about the book.
Francis: I loved the foreplay that was used to get to the climax in the book. It makes the climax more understandable. That’s why I loved The Sixth Man.

Sophia Emmons
Mrs. Walsh
Honors Junior English: Creative Summer Reading
7 September 2011

The Sixth Man by David Baldachi

Sean deeply anticipated the day Michelle could leave the hospital. After she had come out of the coma, it still wasn’t quite smooth sailing for her health. She was still weak, and it was hard for her to stay awake for more than an hour, but she pulled through, and after two weeks, she was ready to leave.
“Take it easy now, don’t want you to get hurt again,” cautioned Sean, attempted to lower Michelle down the small curb.
“Sean, I’m fine,” she retorted, but with a kindness in her voice. Michelle felt the blood start to flow back into her arm once Sean let go, and she grabbed the sleeping limb.
Sean took this as pain in her arm. “Are you okay? What’s wrong with your arm? I told the doctors not to release you so soon. C’mon, let’s go back inside.”
Michelle had to laugh. She had never seen Sean like this; he was usually teasing her about something or other. Though, at the moment, she didn’t know which she preferred. She just continued walking to the car. When Sean realized Michelle was not going back to the hospital, he jogged to catch up with her.
“You’re walking pretty fast,” Sean said. It was true. Michelle had quickly gotten sick of the hospital. It wasn’t just the bland or ultra-clean smell, it was what had happened the moment she woke from the coma. Seeing Sean there, waiting by her side, was something she hadn’t expected to ever see. In that moment when their eyes connected, hers droopy and his teary, there was an unspoken understanding. In that instant, they both knew how much they truly loved one another, how much they cared for each other. It was what had only been danced around in some arguments. But right before Sean could say anything, a nurse bustled in, pushing Sean out the door into the waiting room. Since then, neither of them had brought up or mentioned that moment, although Sean’s mood did change.
Michelle tried to tell herself the mood change was because Sean was trying to bring her spirits up and make her feel better. But she knew better. As she was looking into Sean’s face, she knew it was more.
“Here, let me help you up.” Sean said, providing leverage so Michelle could climb into the car.
“Thank you,” she said, and truly meant it. Her ribs still hurt from where Megan had stabbed a knife into her.
Michelle wasn’t sure how she felt about Sean. He was her business partner, but also one of her best and only friends. The P.I. business didn’t really allow time to mingle and meet new people. It was true, she did love him, and they had slept together, which meant something, but she wasn’t sure what it would be like to be a couple. What would it be like to end the day together, hang up their guns at the door? She already knew. Sean didn’t like the idea of Michelle continuing in this dangerous business, and she couldn’t imagine what he’d say after this incident. Truthfully, Michelle herself wasn’t sure about going back into the field. But she knew, sooner or later, she would go back out there. She needed to find the truth; it was in her make up. Sean, more than anyone, should be able to understand that. How could he expect her to get a desk job, or become a house-wife? Maybe even a stay at home mom! A headache started forming in the back of her head as the car started up.
When Sean noticed her wrinkled brow, he reached out and took her and as they pulled out of the parking lot.
“It’s a long ride home, why don’t you get some sleep? Don’t worry, I can handle the driving myself.” Michelle, if not driving herself, was always aware in cars of where to go and when to turn.
Sean felt her muscles relax in her hand. “Alright, but wake me up in a couple hours, we’ll switch.” They both knew he had no intention of waking her until they reached their destination.
“Of course.” In a matter of minuets, Sean heard Michelle’s breathing pattern change and slow. As the rain hit the window, Sean turned up the heat to create a deeper sleep.
But Michelle wasn’t really sleeping. She was wake for quite a while. She felt when the car turned right to get on the high way, when the rain started coming down harder, when the heat increased. Michelle was only closing her eyes and thinking. She thought about Sean and their future, even though her headache was only increasing. She felt the movement of the car, and she felt her warm hand intertwined in Sean’s. Even when he was sure she was asleep, he never let go. Michelle began to think that maybe it wasn’t that complicated, maybe she could work things out with Sean. Maybe they could be together.
Then, as she was about to fall asleep, Michelle felt her hand grow cold and the car make a hard right. There was an emptiness she felt, and all the doubts came rushing back to her. But then, as she felt the car straighten out, she felt his hand return to hers.
Then, Michelle fell asleep.

Tyler Bean

Summer READ: Alternate Ending.

Sean waited, he waited for Michelle to wake up. Days turned to nights, nights to days. Eventually he had lost track of time and could not even remember what day it was. All he did was pray, he prayed for Michelle to wake up, that’s all he wanted, and he would sit there until one of them died. The doctors came, the doctors went. Some came and left in silence, others would try to make small talk or talk about the chances that his partner would wake up. Then there were the doctors that would come in, do what they needed to do, and simply turn and leave with a fake smile and a nod. There were days when Sean simply wanted to cry, but he knew he had to stay strong, not only for his sanity, but for Michelle. He sometimes thought about what he would do if she died, but quickly pushed that out of his mind. Sean barely ever left the room, he wanted to be there when she woke up, he had to be there. He would often put her hand in his, hoping to feel some kind of life come out of her. Nothing. He stared into her eyes for hours at a time. Still nothing. Then one day the screen next to her bed stopped beeping. Before he knew it doctors had flooded into the room and pushed him out. He stared helplessly from the window as the mass of bodies crowded her small frame, shouting numbers to each other. One doctor then climbed up on the bed and began CPR as another squeezed a bag connected to a tube in her throat. Sean couldn’t bear to watch anymore, as he turned away crying a doctor came out of the room and approached him. “It doesn’t look good” he said, making Sean cry harder, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he loved his partner, and he knew it. An hour later all the doctors slowly filed out of the room, their heads down. Sean knew then that he would never work with her again. Once the last doctor came out, and motioned to him, he slowly went into the room. He was in shock and couldn’t believe what had just happened but he knew he had to say goodbye now. He took her hand in his, bent down and kissed her forehead, and said “I love you”. He sat there with her for a few minutes, praying to god she would wake up by some miracle, but she didn’t. After a while the doctor came back in to tell him it was time to go. That was the last time Sean ever saw Michelle’s face.