Rebecca, by Daphne DuMaurier

Location: Ms. Lewis's Room

Group Members:
Olivia Conrad
Mattie Woodside
Brittany Parlin
Mandy Lewis
Beth Doane

1. Introductions (5 min)

2. Whip and Discussion
- What was your favorite part?
- How did you like the book?
- Who was your favorite character?

3. Summarize the novel in 10 words or fewer. Work in pairs and then share out.

4. Characters
- Who were the most significant characters? Make a list.
- Why were these characters important or significant?

5. Themes
- What is the most important theme?

6. Questions
- Did you like the writing style of this book?- it took awhile to get into the writing style of the author, as I felt I was getting bogged down in the descriptive details of Manderley. I was really waiting to connect to the characters, and it took about 100 pages before I felt like I even knew one character
- What would you want to ask this author about this book?
- Did you like the ending of the book? Why or why not?

Rebecca Additional Dialogue:
Mattie Woodside
I awoke that morning, the memories of yesterday evening replaying in my head. How had Maxim found out about Mr. Favell? Why did he not want him in Manderley? I had never heard him talk that way with Mrs. Danvers before. It is no surprise how shocked she was after their conversation. I knew she had already accused me of telling him about yesterdays events and wasn’t looking forward to seeing her today. I got dressed and went downstairs into the dining room where Maxim was waiting for me. We ate in silence and after we were done Maxim headed straight to the library but I decided to avoid Mrs. Danvers for the day I would have better luck outside. I was only a few feet to the door when I heard Mrs. Danvers shoes click against the hardwood floors on the hallway right next to me. She came into sight and I tried not to look so panicked as she walked by me and said, “Mrs. de Winter may I see you in the morning room?”. I followed closely behind her down the hallway. Maybe she had forgotten about what happened and decided to move on. Or maybe she wanted to apologize for inconveniencing me by inviting Mr. Favell to Manderley. We walked past the library and over to the morning room door. When we were both inside the room she briskly shut the door and stood facing it.
“I thought we were in agreement.” She said still facing the door.
“I’m afraid I don’t know what you are talking about Mrs. Danvers.” I tried to hide the nervousness in my voice.
“The minute you stepped foot in Manderley I knew I despised you”, she spat as she turned around to me. Her face was twisted in anger just as it was last evening after talking with Maxim. “You said you weren’t going to say a word about Jack’s visit to anyone? I should of known someone as young as you would run to Maxim’s side and tell him everything. I should have never trusted you!” she raised her voice and took a step closer to me.
“Mrs. Danvers I can honestly say that I did not speak of what happened yesterday to Maxim or anyone in the house, please believe me.” I didn’t know why I was trying to earn this woman’s trust, it wasn’t worth it.
“You really expect me to believe you Mrs. de Winter? You think you’re pretty superior for telling Maxim the truth?” she said her face twisting into a demented smile.
“For the last time I didn’t say a word to him! And what about you lying to Maxim. I thought you trusted and respected him? Why did you go behind his back?.” I folded my arms over my chest and took a step towards her.
“The only person I have ever trusted in this house was Rebecca and no one else!” I could tell she was about to cry, her eyes were becoming glossy and red. She took another step toward me, her face reddening with anger. Our faces were only a small distance away from each other and I felt uncomfortable being this close to her.
“Mrs. Danvers I am no Rebecca but I am desperately trying to feel like I fit in here” I lowered my voice. She stared at me wide eyed for a few seconds.
“Well I assure you that will never happen. You don’t belong here Mrs. de Winter.” Her words cut into me like a knife. Her expression reminded me of the first time I met her, cold, unkind and full of hatred. With her last words she turned around and slammed the door shut, leaving me unable to speak. My worst nightmare had come true, I did not belong here at Manderley and I never did. Rebecca haunted these hallways the minute she was dead and would continue to do so. I listened to her walk down the hallway until I couldn’t hear her anymore and finally left the room.

Rebecca Soundtrack
Brittany Parlin
1. State Run Radio (Lupe Fiasco) - This song perfectly represents the first section of the book when the (soon to be) Mrs. de Winter is living under the torturous control of Mrs. Van Hopper. She is forced to do everything she is told, and her life and this song both share a common theme - being ruled by the manipulative and condescending “man” ...or woman in this case.
2. L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole) - Probably the biggest reason this song is considered the best love song of all time is the fact that it is relatable to anyone who has ever been head-over-heals gaga in love with anyone. This is how Mrs. de Winter feels when her and Maxim become closer and romantically interested in one another. She finds herself noticing his every move and thinking of nothing else that could make her happy than to be with him forever. “Love, is all that I can give to you” describes the exact feeling of Mrs. de Winter as she is poor and without a home of her own.
3. Holes (Rascal Flatts) - This song is themed to be sung to a lover who one misses dearly. It speaks of “holes” that fill the home that used to inhabit two, and now only one. Once Mrs. de Winter arrives at Manderley, she realizes that she has the shoes of the most beloved woman by all (so it seemed) to fill. The holes in the house that are left by Rebecca when she dies prove to be a constant reminder to Mrs. de Winter of her presence and how she couldn’t begin to ever fill those holes. Not only do they appear in the house all around her, but they also seem to appear in Maxim’s heart. Mrs. de Winter is under the misapprehension that he was once madly in love with Rebecca and misses her terribly for the majority of the book.
4. The First Time (The Script) - This song is all about a couple who have been living in a sad and unaffectionate relationship for years, and then finally come to a revelation where they decide to start over and pretend as if they are meeting “for the first time”. This is precisely what happens at the climax of the book when Maxim confesses to Mrs. de Winter that he himself killed Rebecca. This secret was the reason for his distance and reluctance to show affection to Mrs. de Winter, and though she is shocked, she is relieved and joyous at the fact that he was in love with her and not Rebecca the whole time. This song is about forgiving one another’s sins and mistakes and starting over, which is exactly what Mr. and Mrs. de Winter decide to do.
5. Nothing Even Matters (Lauryn Hill) - Perhaps one of the most soothing songs of all time, this one has one clear, undying message - nothing means anything except the one you love. This melody is the attitude of Mrs. de Winter after Manderley burns down. Her and Max are left with nothing but one another and the sad memories of their pasts. Though Max is heartbroken at the loss of his lovely home, Mrs. de Winter is satisfied with having only his love. Having cast out all the bad memories of their previous adventures, both Mrs. de Winter and Mrs. Hill leave the listener/reader with the moral that love is the only thing that actually does// matter.

Rebecca Soundtrack
Olivia Conrad
Track 1 - “Do You Realize??” by the Flaming Lips
This song taps into the mind of Maxim throughout the novel. For most of the story, the female protagonist is unaware of Maxim’s true feelings for her. She believes that he simply married her and brought her to Manderley to fill the void of his late, beloved wife Rebecca. She is convinced that, while she is deeply in love with him, he Maxim sees her as a childish, sheepish young girl, far from the maturity and elegance Rebecca possessed. The lyrics, “do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?” speak the mind of Maxim. Although he does not act it for much of the story, it is her he is in fact in love with. It is her childish qualities that he adores. And for most of the novel she is unable to realize that.
Track 2 - “Walking with a Ghost” by Tegan and Sara
The female protagonist of the novel faces many struggles as she is thrust into such an unfamiliar life. In particular, she finds herself in the shoes of the mysterious Rebecca. “I was walking with a ghost,” can be seen from the protagonist’s point of view. Before she learns of the truth about Rebecca, and even after, the mystery of Maxim’s late wife haunts her mind and looms like a ghost in the hallways of Manderley.
Track 3 - “Blindsided” by Bon Iver
If Rebecca were made into a movie, this song would play at that moment when Maxim proposes to the female protagonist. They are both blindsided by the feelings they have developed for one another. The female protagonist is certainly shocked when Maxim asks her to return to Manderley with him. She believed that their days of long car rides and quiet conversation would be over. She believed that she would go away to New York and the two would never meet again. “Would you really rush out for me now?” symbolizes Maxim’s hopes to marry her and live with her at Manderley.
Track 4 - “Creep” by Radiohead
This song tells the story of someone who feels different. When the female protagonist finds herself suddenly living at Manderley she feels like an outsider. This new life is far from the one she had known. In a matter of a few days, she had gone from serving to being served. Everyone around her expects her to be a person that she is not and this makes her feel like a stranger in her own home.
Track 5 - “Shelter” by Ray LaMontagne
This song would play at the end of the movie, as Maxim and his wife drive away from the burning Manderley. Not only are they leaving Manderley, but they are also leaving behind the skeletons that were housed inside the maze of hallways. “All of this around us'll fall over, I tell you what we're gonna do, you will shelter me my love, and I will shelter you.” Now that their literal shelter, Manderley, is gone, they have to rely on each other for protection against the memories they have from their life at Manderley.