Koko Be Good

Location: Ms Houston's Room

Eric Salvesen
Nikki Hickey
Vicky Kahan
Sam McDonald

Introductions: Everyone shares their name and grade.

Share thoughts about the book. If you liked it, hated it, ect.

Discuss the illustrations and what you liked or didn't like about them.

Describe the book in 10 words or less.
Describe a character in 10 words or less.
Describe a favorite scene in 10 words or less.

Each person discuss thoughts/opinions on the following questions:

1) Did you like the Layout of the book?

2) Would you have liked the book more if it had more writing and less illustrations?

3) Do you think it was a good idea for Jon not to go to Peru?

4) What could Jen Wang have done differently, (your opinion), to make the book more interesting?


5) Do you think that the comic in the middle of the book was necessary to be included in the book?

6) Do you feel bad for Koko for never being really appreciated for her good deeds?

7) Do you think Koko thinks of the consequences when she makes decisions?

8) Do you think Emily will feel under appreciated when she works at the orphanage in Peru?

9) Do you think there is a moral to the story? If yes, what?

Share a favorite/important passage and explain why it was chosen.

Discuss any major themes presented throughout the book.

Who was your favorite character?
Who was your least favorite character?
Which character(s) is trying to be a good person?

Creative Pieces:

Nikki Hickey - 3 Poems

Zeitgeist Bar
(From viewpoint of Jon)

Page 22-28
In the middle of Zeitgeist a crowd gathers near,
Circling two children- one carrying a beer.
The young girl throws a pitcher straight through the air,
While the boy jumps up and kicks it not peeking anywhere!
The blindfolded boy stumbles into the crowd,
While the girl calls him forth screaming "FARON!" quite loud.
The boy regains focus and steps up for a challenge,
The girl throws glow rings at him with spirit and talent.
He catches them all, a remarkable sight,
The crowd "Oohs!" and "Aahs!" with amazement and delight.
For reasons unknown the boy sticks the landing,
The crowd gets more anxious, curious, and demanding.
A few of the crowd-members buy glow rings to throw,
But the boy swats them away, too drunk for more shows.
The girl rakes in money with a smile so sly,
Then the two take pictures with fans nearby.
I ask a man next to me what's the deal,
He explains peachy's puffs sell things with prices unreal.
They come to parties and clubs where you're drunk,
To sell you glow rings, cigarettes and junk.
The man right next to me was quite impressed,
For Peachy's Puffs had no previous shows they possessed.
I continued watching- this show was a treat,
That is until another girl claimed stealing and deceit.
This new girl was blonde and had big pig tails,
Accusing the first girl of taking her sales.
The two went at it- fighting over the loot,
Until one kicked the other into the drunk boy who puked.
I began to fear that there might be a brawl,
So I exited Zeitgeist to leave it all.

The Recorder
(From viewpoint of Koko)

Page 56

In my room of cute animals and lights,
I pick up the recorder I found tonight.
I begin speaking with pleasant "hellos,"
Then act like an announcer on my very own show!
There's many things I want off my chest,
Like saying how quitting my job was the best!
I have much more time now- and get to explore,
I even find books off the street I adore!
People tell me I'm wasting my life,
I just ignore them, they're making such strife!
I feel like I have a reinvention nearby,
A rabbit hole, or something- I'll reach for the sky!
I'll prove to those people who want me to change,
I'll show them they're stupid, useless, and strange.
Something inside me says I'll be amazing,
Yet somehow saying that sent my laughing a blazing.
I come out of my tent asking Goh "How'd that sound?",
But no matter what he just keeps bobbing around.

The Ballad of Faron Lau
(From viewpoint of Faron)

Page 155

I'm fat, I'm ugly, I have no self confidence.
The popular kids make fun of me though they're incompetent.
My family embarrasses me and I clean their mess,
While they just keep playing, I have all the stress!
I decide to learn boxing and start some kung fu,
I even decide to start smoking too.
One day while smoking I play hacky sack with a bun,
I let her eat it and turns out she's quite fun.
She decides to come up with a plan so clever,
For an act we earn money I've wanted forever.
We continue to act, I continue to earn,
But there comes a time for a lesson to be learned.
I decide not to go to that silly school play,
But instead buy tickets for Wicked on Broadway.
I buy a poster to remember this night,
Because hard work and friendship can bring you delight.

Sam McDonald
Alternate ending
John with KOKO living together in the apartment. John is a famous piano player, and KOKO helps people. She helps old people in a nursing home. KOKO stopped partying because John helped her. He played her a special song. The special song was a love song about helping people. John played the piano and sang to her. When KOKO heard the song, she liked it because she likes helping people. The song make her change into being a good person.
One day, KOKO met an old women named Mary. Mary was short and overweight. She had green eyes and gray hair. She had wrinkles on her face, her arms, and legs. She was in a wheelchair because she was in a car accident when she was young. Sadly, she mean and yells. She wants people around to do things for her, but KOKO makes her get her own things. KOKO asked Mary politely to get her own things. KOKO never get angry. Mary gets upset and frustrated. John helps KOKO by making a song for Mary. John and KOKO sing a song and Mary cries and feels happy. She felt like when she was young.

Eric Salvesen
Creative Response for Koko Be Good Discussion of Book
Koko Be Good by Jen Wang is a picture novel about a girl named Koko who gives up stealing and wrong doing for a life of good deeds and helping others. Jon is a young man who wants to move to Peru to be with his girlfriend and do community service to help people in Peru. These two characters meet when Koko steals Jon’s tape recorder and they become friends.
Ben: Hey Jerry. How’s it going?
Jerry: Pretty good thanks. Want to get started discussing Koko Be Good?
Ben: Sure sounds good. I’ll start I guess. I personally didn’t like the book at all.
Jerry: Really? I loved it. It was so inspiring.
Ben: What did you find so inspiring about it?
Jerry: Well I not only found it inspiring, I thought it was just an all around good book. There wasn’t much text, which is good for me because i’m not exactly the fastest reader so it was a quick read. It also inspired me to want to be a better person like Koko turned out to be.
Ben: I wish it had a little bit more text than it did. I got lost sometimes because i couldn’t understand what was happening from some of the pictures.
Jerry: I see what you mean.
Ben: I also didn’t like the plot of the story. I thought it was dumb how the main character, Jon, was planing on going to Peru to be with a girl who was a lot older than him. It almost seemed like he was throwing his whole life away.
Jerry: I felt like he just wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life other than settle down with a girl he had known for a long time.
Ben: I see. Well I also didn’t like how they had another character who wasn’t related to Jon at all. It was unnecessary and wasn’t worth putting in the book.
Jerry: I disagree I thought it was a great addition to the story. It was really exciting when they got into the fight and the kid knocked out his older sisters boy friend.
Ben: Whatever, lets move on. I didn’t like how towards the end of the book Emily, (Jon’s older girlfriend), decided to tell Jon not to come to Peru with her. After he threw away everything he had she told him not to come with her so he was left with nothing.
Jerry: I thought that made for a good story change. Because of how he went to his friends concert to take his place. It worked out well for him in the end because he got to go to LA for his music.
Ben: I didn’t like the way the book ended at all. I thought that it ended abruptly and left you having no idea what happens to the characters. I also didn’t like how the author didn’t use more text toward the end to explain things better.
Jerry: We both have pretty different views about this story don’t we.
Ben: Hahaha yeah. I really didn’t like it though.
Jerry: Well I liked it and I guess we can just leave it at that.
Ben: Sounds good to me. Lets go get some ice cream.