Freakonomics, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner
Location: Mr. Marstaller's Room


Group 1:
Drew Grout
Sam Torres
Will Porter
Abby Vogel
Alex Kapothanasis
Eamon Costello
Mark Marstaller

1. All members introduce themselves. (Name, Grade)

HI my name is Sam Torres and im a senior

2. Whip of most interesting chapter.

3. Whip of book in ten words or less.

4. Three A’s text protocol
- What parts of the text affect you?
- What do you agree with?
- What do you argue with?

5. Leveled Questions
Everyone composes three questions about the episode on his/her own:
Factual: A question that can be answered with the text; Ex: What time of day does this event happen?
Interpretive: A question with multiple answers,but answered with the text; Ex: Why does a character choose a certain course of action?
Evaluative: A question that includes something outside the text; Ex: Does the situation remind you of a world event?
Go through all the factual questions, then interpretive, then evaluative. Let conversation move freely from the responses. Be aware of the time.
Check the group’s desire to move onto to another episode or keep talking about this one.
6.Another Point of View

7. Channel the Author

Drew Grout:
Creative writing assignment:
New Chapter
Freakonomics is a book of answers yet it leaves the reader with questions of his/her own. At Yarmouth High School most of us are good students, and also competitive with each other. This leaves us constantly looking for an edge, something that we can do to make us better. With this train of thought, “does using a brand name pencil have a positive effect on academic achievement” came to mind.
Imagine two students going into a store to purchase school supplies. One student goes through the store isles grabbing the biggest boxes and the cheapest looking supplies on the rack, just trying to get in and out of the store. The second student takes his time, purchasing nicer supplies, such as brand name pencils and binders. Later, on the first day of school, these same two students take a test. One scores very highly, while the other struggles and ends up scoring poorly. Can you guess which student received the higher score?
Seeing as you are a reasonable person, you probably decided that the student who took his time in the store got the better grade. Well that is the correct thought, although now we have to isolate this further. With the lack of information that we have there could have multiple variables effecting the students test scores, besides the one we are testing for. One could say that the student with the brand name pencils simply cared more about school than the other student. Since there is no information disputing that, it may be a correct statement. The quality of a student’s pencils may just be an indicator for his/her level of commitment towards education.
Now we are faced with a situation encountered daily by economists. Our original question has lead us to another. Luckily economists have a system to look for the right data, making sense of numbers that might mean nothing to you.

Abby Vogel:
Creative writing assignments:
Chapter 6: Would a Roshanda by any other name smell as sweet?

Jazmyn. What a shame.
All the other girls are different.
Laurens. Rachels. Katherines.
I’ve never seen another girl
from Greenwich Village named

I’ve heard of the other Jazmyn’s
of the world.
But every time, poor girls who
live in the slums.
And every year, I walk into school
and teachers assume that I’m stupid.

I wonder if I’ll be the first Jazmyn
to get a full ride to Yale University.

Chapter 1, Part 1: What do school teachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?

I wonder, pray, hope,
that my students will do well.
What would happen if they all failed?
Fired? Demoted? Let go?
I’ll never become the best with these
terrible students. Year after year.

I know they could learn it,
if they really tried.
So why not give ‘em a boost?
Because their tests, are just so hard!
And I can not slow down the course,
because that would have the same outcome for me.

I’m sure no one would notice if they
just got a few more answers right.

Chapter 1, Part 2: What do school teachers and sumo wrestlers have in common?

Next week is the big fight.
I don’t have anything to worry about,
I’ve won enough matches to move on.
But, my opponent hasn’t.
We are the biggest rivalry
in all of the Japanese sumo world.

He’s had some slip-up recently,
but I know he should move on too.
I have nothing to lose if I throw this match,
and I’m sure it would really mean a lot to him.
Yeah, I’ll throw this one match.

I’m sure he’ll have my back,
next year.

Chapter 3: Why do drug dealers live with their mom’s?

I stand out on the street,
I try my hardest to attract new clients.
I will approach anyone, I’m not shy.
But, there’s another crack-dealer,
that sells on my street.

He charges less, I can’t compete.
I can barely make a living as it is,
and now I’m fighting for my turf.
I have no other job,
without Ma I’d be homeless.

And who wants to buy crack
from a smelly dealer?

Chapter 4: Where have all of the criminals gone?

If I bring a baby into this world,
I know I am going to love it.
Give it patience and time to grow up.
Instill the best morals I can.
It would know the difference between
right and wrong.
And work hard to achieve greatness.

But, right now I can’t have a child.
I’m only 22. I made a mistake.
How can someone who is still a child,
raise one to be a good citizen?
I’m not ready for this.

I don’t want this baby to be a screw up.
William Porter
When I first went to sell my home, everything seemed well. The real estate agent put my house on the market was very helpful, or so I thought. The real estate agent put my house on the market for 300,000 dollars. The first offer someone gave us was 280,000. and he assured me that this was the best offer that I would get, and this was an over offer. He is the expert so I trusted him and he also seemed like a trustworthy guy. The only other reason I would sell my house is fear, the fear that I wouldn’t get a better offer or no offer at all. Later I went online to research how made money, it was through commission. This means that they get a certain percentage of the money that the house is sold. I also researched and found out that realtors will also sell a house early, rather than wait a week to sell it for 10,000 dollars. This is because the realtors over a ten day period would only make 150 dollars more to sell the house for 10,000 dollars more. If they sell your house when they tell you it is the best deal, the next day they can move on to another house. I never thought i could compare a real estate agent to a K.K.K member, but they both use fear to get you to join or make you do what they want. The real estate agent ensures you that no one will give you a better offer and that a house up that street that was worth more value than yours sold for less. After this they also tell you that your house might not even be sold at all. The real estate agents will use certain words to sell your home that may not benefit your house. Real estate agents will use rich adjectives to make their house sound more appealing, but for your house they might use “nice neighborhood” or “great location.” These might sound nice but in reality they seem like cover ups for the house. The real estate agents are similar to K.K.K members because the klan has information and can instill fear in to the average buyer. Next time i sell a house I will take all these things in to account and I will not listen as much to the agent and do what what I think is best for me.