For the Win, by Cory Doctorow

Location: Office Conference Room, Across from the Mail Basket

Keith McDonald
Mike Burtt
Ryan McAleer
Nick DeFusco
Matthew McGonigle
Ms. O'Neill

Discussion: (can somebody else please add something to the agenda)

-Interesting thing about book
-Quick character review
-10 words or fewer summary
-Introduction written by the author

Interview with Doctorow:

-Everybody choose a passage to share and think of something to say about it. (ex: favorite part and why, most emotional part, good writing part, etc.)

Perspectives On book?:
- (should be moved to the end?)
-Discussion of the economic theories discussed throughout the book???? (if so, everyone should bookmark those passages)

Chapters/Sections You Liked and Why?:
- Everybody pick one section then during the discussion, read it aloud, and we discuss the passage for five(?) minutes

Articles/Online Review About Book?:

What Did This Book Make You Thing Of In Your Own Life?:

Did The Book Remind You Of Anything Else You Read and Why?:

Questions To Author Or About Book?
- Whip?

-Recommendations? Did you enjoy it?

Creative Piece on Choice Book:

English Creative Writing
Jim loves For The Win and loves talking about the book, when he was in the locker room he noticed another person with a book in his backpack titled For The Win. Jim went right up the the man and said “Hi, my name is Jim, whats yours?”
The Man said “Mike, why do you ask?”
Jim replied saying “Well I could not ignore that your reading For the Win!”
Mike said “Yeah I have it, I had not connection to it what so ever the whole time I read it”.
Jim replied, “Really...? I loved it it really connected to me and I love to read it as much as I can!”
“Why don't you like it?” Jim asked Mike.
“Well its just wasn’t the the right book for me. There were too many perspectives throughout the book and I could not get to know a character very well.”
“Really?” Jim replied. “I love how Cory Doctorow made up different perspectives and I think he tried to connect with different reader’s personalities”.
“Yeah I guess so” Mike answered.
“I just really think that he did not have a personality for me, so it was hard to even finish the book because I wasn’t motivated to even turn the page”.
“Why did you like it so much Jim?”
Jim answered. “I just really liked how Cory made a point that it is not just some online game life, there is a market, economy, future, and social developments. He also made up the games I don't know if you knew that, but Cory made up different MMO virtual gaming games based on World of Ware Craft and Mario Bothers”.
Mike replied “I never really looked at it that way, but I know I still don't like this book. There was not even a true conclusion to the book, there is not an ending spot where you know it is over.”
Jim answered “ Thats what makes a good ending, in real life you and I both know there is no true ending , there is no clean cut ending.”
Mike says.” I guess you made another good point but I'm not going to change my opinion”.
Jim replies. “I know, I guess we have our own opinion on the book.”
Mike answered. “ Likewise, Jim, have a good one maybe I’ll see you around and we can talk more book stuff.”
Jim answered while laughing. “Ya see you later Mike, have a good one.”
Both of the men made great points and I personally like the book so it was easier to write about Jim, the one who liked the book. But I read reviews on the book and there was different opinions just like the ones I made with Mike and Jim. I think everyone is different and there will be some people who will just not like a book. As you can see, I tried to get a point across that there are multiple opinions on books such as this one and many more.

Different Point of View
Matthew McGonigle
(inserted when the Webbly safehouse gets raided by the police)
For a moment, Ping was back in his village, before all of the games, before all of the rioting, before all of the danger. Then, he was awake, with Jiandi shouting at him and all of the other Webblies inside the safehouse, “Police! Outside! GO GO GO!” Ping got out of his makeshift bed and grabbed his bag filled with a backup hard drive and about 10 RMB. He saw his friend Matthew grab his bag and was out the door. Someone stepped on his shoe and he cursed under his breath. He pushed his way through the crowd of people all scrambling for the door.
He saw the Gweilo exit the room and wondered how Wei-Dong was going to escape. Americans really stood out in China.
Ping finally made it into the narrow hallway and ran to the staircase at the end of the hall. He opened the door and heard shouts coming from the bottom of the staircase. He looked over the rail and saw the policemen climbing the stairs. One of them looked up and saw Ping and shouted in Cantonese, “STOP!”. He quickly ducked back into the hallway.
He heard screaming coming from the other staircase at the opposite end of the hall. He cursed. He looked around for another way out and thought of the fire escape. He pushed his way into a room and spotted the window on the far side of the room. He heard the shouting getting closer. He opened the window and began to climb out. Just then, three police officers burst through the door shining incredibly bright lights all over the room. He was momentarily stunned. The lead officer grabbed his arms and another kicked him in the stomach.
He was dragged out into the hallway and kicked again by the same officer. He hand’t been tied or handcuffed yet but he was too tired to move. There was a lot of shouting between the three officers and they rounded up seven more Webblies. Two more officers joined them and one stood guard over the beaten prisoners while the other four searched the rest of the building. Ping heard distant shouting, “STAY WHERE YOU ARE” followed by four muffled gunshots. Next came the most horrid scream he’d ever heard. Tears poured down the side of his face. He knew exactly what that had meant. One of them had been shot.
Two minutes later, the four officers rejoined the guard. They were carrying a badly wounded Webbly with them. They threw the body down next to the Webblies and the lead guard told them,“There will be no escape.” Ping looked at the fallen prisoner and saw Lu’s face contorted in pain staring at him. He wept. At that moment one of the prisoners jumped up at the nearest guard and punched him in the face. The other guards leapt on him and one hit the Webbly with the butt of his rifle. The guard turned around and found that the kid had given him a black eye. “Son of a...” he mumbled. Then, an officer began yelling at the beaten Webblies, “get up you worthless peasants!” and the other guards forced them onto their feet. “You!” one policemen said and pointed to the kid who had attacked the guard, “carry him.” and pointed to Lu.
The apparent leader said something into his radio and the other policemen forced the prisoners into the stairwell and commanded them to walk down to the ground floor. On the first flight of stairs the kid carrying Lu tripped and fell to the landing. A police officer took out his pistol, and shot the kid through the head. Ping thought he was still asleep. After all, nothing this horrible could possibly be real could it? They marched down the stairs for what seemed like an eternity, then arrived in the main lobby of the building. Ping’s eyes barely adjusted to the light before he was pushed through the doors into the cold night air and out onto the sidewalk in front of the building. There were policemen everywhere and flashing blue lights. A hood was thrown over his head and he was handcuffed.
Ping started to get an extremely intense headache. He tried to scream, but all that came out was a quiet whine. He knew it was his epilepsy. He felt his arm convulse, then his entire body was having uncontrollable muscle spasms. He hit his head against the sidewalk and he started bleeding out of his ear. Through a hole in the hood he could see the cops trying to grab his arms and legs. He then felt his leg connect with something hard and knew he must’ve kicked a police officer. Then he felt his arm whack the prisoner sitting next to him. Through the hole he saw the prisoner roll and get up on his feet. He watched as a policeman hit the kid in the abdomen with the butt of his rifle. The kid screamed, staggered, and fell forward. He managed to catch the guards rifle as he fell. He and the officer struggled to get control of the gun. Ping’s hood fell off and he could see again, all along having no control over his flailing limbs. He watched as the same officer who had shot the kid carrying Lu’s body in the stairwell unholstered his weapon once again, brought it to bear, and shot the poor boy fighting for the gun in the head. The bloody hood fell to the ground and landed right next to Ping’s head and the body hit the ground with a loud smack.
That’s when all of the captured Webblies sprang to their feet and charged the guards, shouting battle-cries much like the ones they screamed while playing the games. Only this time, unlike in the games, they were unarmed and weak. They were brave though. Ping wished he could fight their last fight alongside them, but the seizure had left him even weaker than the rest and his entire body ached.
Ping winced as he heard the gunshots and the screams of the brave kids who had just been shot. He tried to look over at the battle but he wasn’t oriented right. Instead he looked down the street just in time to see Jiandi and Wei-dong exit the neighboring building and head away from the carnage. He hoped that they’d escape. He smiled at the irony that the one kid who stands out the most, was one of the few to escape. He then rolled over on his back and looked at the sky. He knew death was coming. Breathing became laborious. As he looked up he noticed something, on the edge of the building. He squinted and saw another policeman standing on the roof. No, not a policeman! It was Matthew, his friend! He escaped, and he was doing something with his phone. Probably a video! Ping would be remembered! Then, with that thought, an officer stood over him, raised his rifle, and shot.