Welcome to the YHS SummerREAD Wiki for Juniors & Seniors

Next steps for book discussion preparation:
Step 1: Students will complete a creative analysis of their SummerREAD book. The creative analysis will be posted on the book's wiki page below the agenda. Students must include their names.

Step 2: Students will work together to create a discussion agenda using the discussion resources. Each agenda should include a variety of discussion tools from the resources provided. Discussion Resources Agendas may also include media resources that add a different point of view to the discussion, such as an interview with the author, background information, or a NYTimes Book Review, etc. Students will take a considered approach to the order of the agenda; the design should enhance the quality of the discussion, allow for multiple viewpoints, and be engaging for participants.

Step 3: Discussions will happen on September 16 during period 5B. Room assignments will be posted on each book's wiki page. At the start of the discussion, the group will select one student to use his/her computer to follow the agenda and keep time. All students should bring their books and any notes that they have taken.

Step 4: Students will assess themselves using the rubric, that will be posted here.

SummerREADS 2011 Part 1

SummerREADS 2011 Part 2

Expectations for students:
Step 1: Read and enjoy the book you have selected.
Step 2: Come to school in the fall with the book read and pondered. Remember that in the fall you will be participating in a discussion that will delve into the specifics of your book, so you might take notes in the book, using sticky-notes or margin notes as you read. It’s particularly helpful to mark passages that appeal to you or stand out as pivotal and significant because of ideas and language.
Step 3: Write to Prepare. In the fall, each junior and senior will take time in class to complete a short, creative writing assignment based on the book. Each student will publish a piece on this wiki.
Step 4: Participate in a group discussion of the book, facilitated by a student. Groups will include students and faculty. Everyone will participate.
Step 5: Complete a self-assessment of the process and discussion.

Additionally, students in certain classes will be asked to read a second book over the summer. Information below.
Honors Junior English Additional Summer Reading
CP Senior English Additional Summer Reading
AP Senior English Additional Summer Reading